Management Team

Uxigne was founded by a couple of wonderful entrepreneurs who love what they do and are always looking for ways of doing what they do better, always thinking in the future and in their customers.



CEO at Uxigne he is responsible for everything. From sales to design he knows how to accomplish every task. He is  a Certified Scrum Master, Product Owner and Project Manager among other things. He is very proactive and there is nothing to small for him to do.

He likes to be with customers all the time and he may buy you a coffee just to talk business. He commits all his energy in every project and he runs the company with the same spirit. He usually works a little bit in every project even on the weekends to make sure everything is perfect.

He is obsessive and a detail freak. By the way, he is very fun and a great guy.


Sales Director at Uxigne, her responsibilities include customer success, developing key growth sales strategies, tactics and action plans. She is really focused on building and maintaining strong and long lasting customer relationships.

She wants to help small business succeed in the digital era and prevent them from extinction. She believes in her mission and every day she goes out there to help business owners achieve their goals.

Beyond that a Mom, Coffee and Fitness Lover.  She is very busy at all times, but she always has time for everything. Very choosy, she loves great designs, she has her days, but you know, she is almost perfect.



Crew Team

Our team of master minds is committed to achieve the best results for your website.



Over 10 years as a UX Designer. She loves to work on complex projects and get the best usability results for web and mobile websites. She can work 24 hours in a row just to get the job done on time. She likes to work during the night when everything is quiet.


Full Stack Developer. CMS Expert. He is a problem solver very passionate about website design and he loves to build nice websites.


Web tester and Social media Expert, reliable, creative and passionate.  She helps businesses get more leads & sales. She creates awesome marketing strategies and content that's truly useful to the audience as well as the business. Working with her means creative thinking, collaborative partnership, and a focus on measurable results.



Uxigne is Hiring.

We built the best websites for our community, as a team.  We empower people to express themselves and be anyone they want to be. We are creators, dreamers and our teams brainstorm, apply research and inspire. It takes an entire team united behind something awesome. Together we design, build and test. We are guided by the passion of helping our clients take their business to the next level.

Join the Uxigne Team

The Uxigne Team mission is to make the best websites for our customers. Uxigne Team is always looking for the best and brightest talent. Join the Uxigne Team and come to make history with the brightest most looking forward people. 

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