Follow this 3 Simple Steps

You can't never go wrong with Uxigne. We made it so simple and fast that anyone can do it.

Step 1 - THINK & Choose

Think about your needs and choose the right SETUP® for you and your business. We can accommodate every budget.

Step 2 - SETUP & Get the Info

After you Choose a SETUP® and complete your purchase, we will send you a detailed questionnaire and form to get the info we need to start. You will need to prepare text you want in your website.

Step 3 - BOOST & Grow Your Business

Once you have your new website online you can continue improving overtime to get the best results possible with a BOOST® plans.


Think and Choose the SETUP that fit your needs. You can always add services or combos later.


We will Setup your website after you confirm your purchase. We will send you a form to fill with all the info you will want online.

Here is a guide to be ready and prepared:


Include all assets of your business. Old and New,  everything matters, every detail that makes your business matter to us.

  1. Logos & Digital Material: All Brand Material (logos, icons, in Photoshop, Illustrator, etc)

  2. Photos: Business, Personal, Team, Products, Services, Catalog, etc.

  3. Texts: Titles, Sub-Titles, Descriptions, and the overall content for each section, like About, Blog, Newsletter, Products, Services etc.

  4. Newspapers and Magazines: Adds, Notes, Columns, Covers and any other piece of material you may have.

  5. Videos: Institutional, Personal, Welcome, Background, Etc.



Include all the ideas you have for your new website. What is your ideal state.

  1. Tell us what you want to accomplish with your new website.

  2. Who are your customers, your audience, your location and area.

  3. What you sell or offer, what products, services, art, etc.

  4. How you keep in touch with your customers.

  5. Who is you competition? Give us examples of other websites you like.


If you have, we will need access to your Domain administrator console, like godaddy.com, networksolutions.com, nic.com, etc. Emails administrator panel, Social Media accounts.

  1. Domain Administrator Access

  2. Email Administrator Access

  3. Social Media Accounts

  4. Payment Processor (Only for Online Stores or Monetized Websites)

  5. Bank Accounts (Only for Online Stores or Monetized Websites)



Once you have your new website online you can BOOST or ADD SETUP services according to your needs and taste.