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What a typical project cost?

We have an entry point of $750.00. And with that entry level you have one of the best websites. Our average project is arround 3000 but we have an entry 

When can we start?

As soon as you Choose a Setup. When you purchase any plan at Uxigne we receive the order and start working immediately in your project.

How we start?

You provide us all the information that you want in your website. Text, Pages, Products, Services, Personal Photos, Business Photos, Videos, etc. Once we put it all together usually 48 hs. We put your website online.

What is a "SETUP"?

A SETUP Plan is the entry level line we offer. It is a one time investment that is going to pay off BIG! You can always add or change pages.

What is a "BOOST"?

A BOOST Plan is an upgrade for each section or to the entire site depending of what you choose.

What kind of service do you offer?

Depending what you need, we offer a 100% turn key service meaning that our full service covers everything from the SETUP of the Website until going Live or we can work with you and accommodate to your deadlines and budget.

What are my responsibilities?

You need to provide us all the material you want to publish, like text, photos, logos, and everything you want or have for your website. Of course we can always help you in each area but some of them will require that you spend sometime reviewing or creating the material, like text descriptions and so on.


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