Web Boost

Web Boost

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The first step to get more customers, more sales and the best online presence.

  1. Go Live in 48 Hours.

  2. Domain Research and Registration.

  3. Website Design & Creation.

  4. Mobile & Responsive Ready.

  5. SEO Best Practices.

  6. 99.5% Online Uptime.

  7. Full 30 Day Website Updates.

  8. Google Apps Integration.

  9. Awesome Support.

  10. Website Analytics & Reports.

  11. Referral & Discounts Program.

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This are just examples of what is possible with Uxigne.

What's included:

When you purchase the WEB SETUP at Uxigne you access to a whole new world of benefits. Here you have just a few.

Go Live in 48 Hours.

After you purchase any of our WEB SETUP plans we commit to have your site online within 48 Hours after receiving your confirmation.

Domain Research and Registration.

When you purchase the WEB SETUP plan we take care of the domain registration for you if you already don't have it registered.

Website Design & Creation.

We design and create basic assets for your website

Mobile & Responsive Ready Website.

All our Websites are ready for any mobile device from android to mac to windows form phones to tables. And YES! They look great and work perfect.

SEO Best Practices.

At Uxigne we believe in Organic SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

99.5% Online Uptime.

We are the only website design company that offers 99.5% up time in their products.

Full 30 Day Website Updates.

In the first phase of each Website you need a committed team behind so we offer a 30 day

Google Apps Integration.

We integrate your website with Google Apps that is the best suite available today.

Awesome Support.

We are for you 100%. No one is more important for us. Each customer receive a full and unlimited support with every anual plan.

Website Analytics & Reports.

We offer a detailed analysis and report of what is happening behind the scenes of your websites so you can take better decisions and BOOST your website.

Referral Program Discounts.

Get huge discounts for any of our services when you refer a customer. Just give them your Referral Program Code

And More...

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