Understand Your Audience with Your Website



Through your Website you can see what percentage of your viewers buy something, how long they stay on the site and who signs up for email lists and newsletters, among other things. Fine-tune your site based on customer analysis, and you'll really take your business to the next level.

Having your website is the gateway to finding lots of essential information for your business. You can know details about the people that visit your website and may be interested in what you offer. It also gives you data on how people were driven to your website. This is where you can see which social media platforms drive the most traffic to your website or your social media referral traffic.


Analyzing the age of your audience helps uncover new opportunities for content and lets you know which platforms your audience prefers. Your audience’s gender also plays a big role in how they communicate and engage online. 
Knowing whether most of your website visitors are male or female will help you find the appropriate tone to use in your messaging. You want to speak to your audience in a way that resonates with them. Once you know your audience’s age and gender, you can better craft copy to connect with them.

Looking at your referrals helps you assess the effectiveness of your current social media tactics. This data tells you which platform plays the biggest role in driving people to your site.

After you’ve looked at your audience demographics and identified top referral sources, use those insights to decide which platforms to focus on and adjust your marketing strategy as needed. Don’t be afraid to test new tactics and prioritize new platforms. Analyze the demographics of your website audience and dig into referral traffic data to uncover opportunities to adjust your social media tactics for each of your platforms.


Your business needs to nail the precise demographics, behaviors, and interests of your customers so you can find more customers like them and sell more stuff. and you can align your company (sales, marketing, customer service, product management) to all be marketing, selling, servicing, building the right stuff, which has huge leverage on the effectiveness of your organization. If you don't understand your target market(s), you probably won't be able to grow or scale.


Your business is generating more data than ever before, and the value of that data has increased exponentially. Understanding the importance of all that information is crucial to growing your business. Learning about your customers or potential clients helps you to direct all your actions to try to capture those potential customers and keep those you already have. With time and experience you can  make your website your most effective tool in order to increase your sales and grow the business.

Tomorrow you will wish you had started today, contact us now and start growing your business with a new website.

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