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No matter what your ideas are, we want  to provide you with the tools to present them in a beautiful way. That’s why we’re excited to share with you this useful tool:  Chart Blocks. Whether you're a non-profit organization, a financial or political blogger, or just really like graphs and stats, Chart Blocks allow you to present your data in an effective and attractive way.


You can choose between three shapes: line, bar, and pie. They’re fully responsive, so they look great on any device. You can also have them customized with a variety of color palettes. You can use Chart Blocks to show a business’s growth over time, the change in ratings for your favorite TV show, or the results of a poll you held on your website. Adding Charts is super easy you just need to have the information.

Different uses

A Pie Chart is best used when trying to work out the composition of something. If you have categorical data then using a pie chart would work really well as each slice can represent a different category.  

2016 Uxigne Sales

* Unique sales include every service for 2016 in units.

If you have comparative data that you would like to represent through a chart then a bar chart would be the best option. This type of chart is one of the more familiar options as it is easy to interpret. These charts are useful for displaying data that is classified into nominal or ordinal categories. A bar chart uses bars to show comparisons between categories of data. A bar graph will always have two axis. One axis will generally have numerical values, and the other will describe the types of categories being compared.

Nearby Population

* 2013 Census | Data Provided by United States Census Bureau

Line charts should be used only for time series (chronological) or when there is some other sequence to the dimensions on the x-axis, e.g. dates, months, sequence of stages of a project, sequence of meters along on a gas pipeline, and they should be used to detect trends and patterns, not to give people exact quantitative readings.

Uxigne Customers

* Approximate information based on web analytics and data.
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