How to Promote Your Live Event with Social Media



For many companies hosting an event means tweeting out the day and time, maybe throwing up a Facebook post to tell people when the event is happening, a pic on Instagram and that's pretty much it.

We know that some social promotion is better than nothing but it’s important that you take all of the opportunities social media has to offer in terms of promotion and you need to understand that today promoting the event on social media is as important as the event itself.

It takes time and energy and you need a plan when it comes to social promotion, but once you map out your social strategy you’ll find that the event will be much more successful.

The more people talking about your event, the better chance you have that people will attend, get your brand name out there to their social communities, and the more likely it is that all your hard work will pay off in the end.

Check out these steps:


Create a webpage specifically for the event. This gives you a great space to feature videos and images, write blog posts, and keep people updated on the event . Not only will this give you a great page to share on your social accounts and hope others share, but it’s an opportunity to earn natural links if anyone chooses to mention your event on their website.

Create a hashtag for the event, this is one of the most import things to do!  Having a hashtag specifically for the event will help create brand recognition and unify all of the videos, pictures, and posts that people make about the event. It gives everyone one place to visit, on every social network, if they want to look at anything event-related.

If this is not the first time and you’ve held this event before in the past, use music and video shots from the past events to create a collage of what to expect.


Have a contest or a giveaway for social participation. Creating some sort of contest or giveaway that asks attendees to do something on social media is a great way to jumpstart higher brand visibility on social. This could be taking photos, asking questions on social media, “liking” your social media page, inviting others to like your page, etc.

Encourage visitors to take pictures and videos. 

Take your own video footage of the event for after. During the event you should also be taking photos and video so that you have the option of creating something after the event. This will give you something to use after the event to keep the momentum going and have something to post after the event.

Talk with attendees and try to connect on social. During the event, you should always be networking.


Follow-up with leads, it’s important to send an email or make a phone call to follow up with your leads. Connecting on LinkedIn is also a great way to get in his/her social circles while still remaining professional.

Update the event webpage with content and graphics. After an event, you should update the webpage you created with new videos and images from the event. 

Write a blog post about the event and then promote. It’s always a good idea to write a blog post in addition to updating your webpage so that you have another outlet for people to share on their social accounts. 

Don’t forget about your next event. Just as a side note, it’s a good idea to pay close attention to who responds and comments about your event after it’s over. Keep these people in mind and be sure to send them a personalized social message to let them know you’d love to see them at your next event.

A complete and well design website is the best tool to help you promote your event, we are here to help.

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