Social Media Tips for Mobile Businesses


Mobile Businesses

Food trucks have become a culinary boom over the past couple of years. And this is due in part to the emergence of social media. 

Mobile businesses need a way of alerting customers to their locations and social media is a perfect tool for that. It allows customers and fans to both figuratively and literally follow the businesses to each of their stops.

But it’s not necessarily as easy as signing up and posting your location the day of an event. Food trucks and other mobile businesses have to carefully manage their presence on social media, perhaps even more carefully than other types of businesses.

Variety of Platforms

There are a lot of platforms out there and each one has a different specialty. So, it’s important to play to the strength of each platform.

Think about both the ability of the site and its demographics. If you’re trying to reach a young audience with visuals, Instagram may be your go-to platform. If you want to share general updates with as many people as possible, Facebook could be more beneficial.

Learn from the Best

While each business should create it’s own strategy, it's important to learn what you can from others. So take a look at what seems to be working for other businesses and consider if any of those strategies might work for your business.

For mobile businesses, it could be especially useful to see when and how others post about their upcoming events. If businesses post the day of an event, do they get more responses than those that post the day before? What types of announcements get the best responses and the most customers? 

Interact with your Customers

You can also use social media as a quality control tool. If you monitor your business’s social media mentions or tagged photos, you’ll see how customers really see your business. Social media has so many applications, but you have to actually read what others have to say if you want to get the full value. Use your social media accounts to interact with your customers, overall, social media is about connecting with people. Even if your business has a huge following, there are real people behind each of those accounts. If they connect with your business on social media, it’s because they really want to interact with you.

No matter what type of business you have we are here to help you growth your business combining the best website with your social media accounts.

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