Social Media Branding Mistakes



Now more than ever, social media is providing businesses with the platform, exposure and increasingly visual opportunity to create, promote and validate branding. But although it seems all easy, you need yo be careful because the most creative social media branding campaigns can crumble with one poorly timed post.

The key to social branding success  for businesses is social ownership. Social ownership is the responsibility every business has to appropriately and consistently nurture, maintain and share its unique philosophy, integrity and corporate purpose. Social ownership is the recognition by competitive businesses today of the communication and marketing power of their social media platforms , and the respect and care with which they must present their social content. Social ownership is the social media commitment a business makes toward its content, its target audience and most important, its reputation.

To ensure your social ownership is original, and your social branding is on target, don’t make these social media branding mistakes:

Failure To Blog

You need to realize that your social identity includes blogging. Not only does blogging create a thought leadership persona for you, it also enriches your social media platforms, not to mention the SEO benefits that can be derived from well executed blog content. Your social branding is critically tied to your blogging performance. Generating timely blog posts that speak to the expectations, problems, goals and requirements of your target audience will benefit your branding greatly and enrich all traditional marketing, social media and even inbound marketing strategies. Failure to blog is failure to accept social ownership that your content is important. 

Inconsistent Updates

Taking social ownership of your Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube and various social media platforms means consistent content sharing. You must update your social media platforms every day, or at least Monday to Friday. You must update your Twitter more than once a day. There exists a host of tools that can help in scheduling and publishing social updates. With social media tracking and engagement tools in place, there is no reason for your social platforms to be silent in 2017.

Thoughtless Shares

It’s not enough to publish to your social media platforms. You must care about what you are publishing, and to the target audiences of your publishing efforts. 

You can create social media fans and experience the benefits of social engagement with followers if you take the time to get a little creative. 

Take the time to give some thought to your social content stream. Design hashtags that fit your service areas, and use them appropriately. Engage your audience with incentives that present solutions, motivation or inspiration to them in some way. Your social shares can make you the most popular business in town! If only you gave your social updates a little thought.

Right Target

These are the people you want to connect to with every tweet, share and new post. Think about what interests them and what their professional and even personal demands may be. Speak to them with content that addresses the technologies, trends and news that impacts their businesses and their personal lives.

Think about what their professional goals are and what common problems they may face in their careers or business segments. Take the time to build audience personas of the people you want to communicate with the most. 

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